UM as OpenData

Last updated:2015/05/12

Data Structure of Universal Menu DB

Public Service information written based on the Universal Menu can be structured information suitable for machine-learning process and can be used as a data base for Open Data.  The main target of conventional Open Data projects are mainly focusing on the data of “facility” and “event”, which are easily organized as structued data.  In addition to the public data above, the UM scheme can realize to make the usable Open Data of “public services” such as child allowance, health checkup, various childcare services, which are rather difficult to organize as structued data.

If the municipalities make Open Data for their public services based on the UM as the threshold of the users, such as residents and companies, can drops dynamically, and it will provide various merits of Open Data to wide ranges of society.


Tagging in the Universal Menu

The UM holds the concept of “Reserved Tag” and “Open Tag” for tagging each information in the UM DB.   “Reserved Tag” is a tag that is always given as the basic set of Tags.  “Open Tag” is a tag set freely defined by each user.   The UM tag is also recommended in the “Open Data Guidelines / Handbooks” prepared by the Cabinet Secretariat of Japan.


How to obtain universal menu Tag (UM Tag)

For downloading UM Tag data, please send your request to the contact below;

◇Contact for the application

International Universal Menu Association
Address: 2nd floor ZaiMax Building, 5-12-13 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan