• About Membership

About Membership


Last updated.2012/09/01


The International Universal Menu Association has been supported by the members, and has been dedicating itself to a variety of activities to promote the Universal Menu through cooperating with central governments, municipalities, and corporations.

The privileges of the membership are described below.


◆Membership Benefits

1)   Use of the Universal Menu (UM) including commercial purposes.

  • Members can use the Universal Menu, a standard search menu system for public services, which was developed by IUMA.
  • Members will be provided with the list of the Universal Menu (the UM map paper version), for free.
  • Members (corporate members) can use the Universal Menu for commercial purposes.


2)  Protection support for the Universal Menu (UM) and related matters.

Regarding the UM menu structure, the system related to the UM, and other UM related information, Members can receive updated information by contacting IUMA.

Members can participate in seminars that are organized by IUMA for free of charge.


3)  Support for business proposals, and participation in workshops for the UM related technical research.

Ÿ Members can receive support from IUMA when making a business proposal in which the UM is being used for their business.

Members can participate in workshops about the technical topics etc. that are related to the UM, and which are hosted by IUMA.


4)  Participation in business projects related to the UM.

Members can participate in business projects related to the UM, which are hosted by IUMA.