• About International Universal Menu Association

About International Universal Menu Association

Last updated. 2023. 07. 01

Our Mission

The International Universal Menu Association, the IUMA, is aimed to develop, promote, and disseminate the Universal Menu, which is a system of public services that the central governments and municipalities provide, and to manage the intellectual property of the Universal Menu. In order to support establish communities and societies where people can comfortably live, and the voices of the people are well represented, the IUMA endeavors to use the internet to provide the planning, proposal, and action to create an innovative digital administrative system.

Our Benefits

  • To develop, promote, and disseminate the Universal Menu; a system that people can use to search public services.
  • To manage and sustain the intellectual property of the Universal Menu.


Representative of the board of the directors:

  • Jiro Kokuryo(Professor,Faculty of Policy Management, Graduate School of Media and Governance,Keio University)

Members of the board of directors(Alphabetical order of organizations): 

  • Hideyuki Yasui(CEO,Asukoe Partners, Inc.)
  • Osamu Arakawa (Head of Digital Society Division, Third Public Sector, Public Headquarters, NTT DATA Corporation)
  • Noboru Koshizuka, Ph.D(Deputy Dean, Professor,Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies,The University of Tokyo)
  • Toshinori Kajiura(President,Japan Cybersecurity Innovation Committee)
  • Masahiro Fujita(Senior Director,Resident Information Management System Development Department,NEC Corporation)
  • Hiroshi Hayama(Senior Director of Regional Systems Operation 1,Government & Public Corporation Information Systems Division,Hitachi, Ltd.)
  • Shinsuke Nakamura(Executive Director,Solutions Development Unit,Fujitsu Japan Limited)
  • Takashi Nakano (Managing Executive Officer, General Manager, Social Impact Partnership Business Department, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co.,Ltd.)


  • Satoshi Murabayashi(Executive Vice President,Internet Initiative Japan Inc.)


International Universal Menu Association
Address: 2nd floor ZaiMax Building, 5-12-13 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan