• About Universal Menu

About Universal Menu

The goals of the Universal Menu (UM) System are:
1) Standardize the central government and municipality’s service data
To simplify and speed up the editing/updating process and overall data management for government workers. Through the standardization of the data, we wanted to aggregate and package government service data as Open Data to make it easier for 3rd party applications and more commercialized products to utilize it.

2) Increase flexibility and cross-compatibility in government data systems internationally.
In addition to the overall structured data platform, we will develop a standardized glossary of terms when defining each government service, and we aim to expand this to a global glossary of terms so that common government services and terminology like “childbirth” can have a standardized translation.

3) Create a structured data platform for greater inter-operability and efficiency.
While government service information is largely managed as unstructured data (which makes it very difficult for automated recognition and standardized search), the UM has created a standardized, structured data, we make it significantly easier for machine-understanding, cross-compatibility of data between government departments and 3rd parties, and further simplifying overall data management.